We offer custom engraving on the vast majority of our products. If you have a logo or image you would like engraved please refer to the reference below:


We can engrave just about anything, but how your finished product comes out depends greatly on the quality of your image. For the best quality and detail, a vector image is preferred.

Vector vs Bitmap

Vectors will be .AI, .SVG or .DXF and Bitmaps will be .JPG, .PNG or .GIF. If you're not sure, open your image and zoom in - is it fuzzy or really poor quality? That's a bitmap and that's what your engraving would look like. If you don't have access to a vector file of your image the next best thing is a high quality black and white line drawing:

Line Drawing

We can easily convert these to achieve a very good quality engraving. Below are a few examples of images we can not use: (very small, low quality images or pictures of badges)

Bad Quality Images

If you don't have access to a high quality image - don't think you're out of luck. We may already have your image available, or if not, we may be able to track one down.

If you have any questions please send your image to support@jonnychapps.com and we can let you know for sure.