The Mercantile Story

I've always enjoyed working with my hands and creating things that were of use to other people. Growing up in the Mississippi country side there was always something to be repaired or built and I prided myself in doing it to the best of my abilities.

After joining the Coast Guard at an early age and becoming a part of the military community I quickly realized how important departing gifts, achievement awards and shadow boxes are - and how some people didn't receive anything due to the budget constraints of their duty stations.

I wanted to take my passion of building things and focus on providing those folks with products that they would cherish for a lifetime and at a price that would make them more available.

When you buy from us you're not buying from a large company, you're buying from an American Made, Veteran Owned Small Business that supports a family.

- Jon Chapin

Who We Are

Jonathan Chapin, Founder, Craftsman

JonnyChapps Mercantile was founded by Jon Chapin in 2016. What began as a hobby evolved into something he loves doing and that he can share with others. After spending 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard he is now retired with his wife and daughter and woodworking full time.


Jessica Chapin, Shipping, Back Office Manager

Jess is the wife of Jon and some say the most important member of the JonnyChapps Mercantile family. Without her unwavering support and motivation we couldn't have become the business we are today. When you receive a package from us, it is her final touch that you will experience.